How to Pick a Real Estate Agent


Whether you’re buying or selling, the right real estate agent can make the

difference between a smooth transaction and a nightmare. But how do you pick an

agent who can meet your unique needs? You can ask friends for recommendations

or look at online reviews, but the best way to find a good fit is to talk with multiple

agents. Treat each meeting like a job interview and ask the following important

vetting questions.

How long have you been in business?

The longer an agent has been in the real estate business, the more likely they are to

have handled a variety of transactions and built a solid network of resources. Having

longevity can also help them avoid getting rattled by any bumps in the road that are

common during a home sale or purchase.

When talking with an agent about their background and experience, listen for their

enthusiasm. Top-rated agents are friendly and conversational, but they also take the

time to understand your specific needs and goals. They’ll use your preferred method

of communication, set realistic expectations, and back up their claims with data and


You’ll want an agent who knows the local market inside and out. This includes how

quickly homes sell in your neighborhood, how much similar properties are selling for,

and whether the current climate favors buyers or sellers. An experienced agent

should also know how to price your home competitively, and they’ll be able to tell if

your property is over- or underpriced.

An excellent way to evaluate an agent’s knowledge is by asking them what they

think makes your home different from other houses in the area. You can then ask

them how they plan to market your property to attract the right buyers in the

shortest amount of time. Also read


During your interview, be sure to communicate any specific requirements you have

for your home sale. For example, are you on a tight deadline? Do you need to reach

a particular bottom dollar or fall within a certain window to avoid capital gains

taxes? This information will help an agent develop the right strategy to achieve your

goals in the quickest timeframe.

The last thing you want is for an agent to promise a quick sale, then disappear. Once

you’ve found an agent you trust, it’s crucial to keep in touch throughout the process

to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. An agent who values your business

and genuinely cares about you as a client will be more than happy to hear from you

when needed.


A real estate agent who is easy to work with can make a huge difference in your

home sale or purchase. To find an agent who is a good fit for your unique needs, try

using a service that connects you with vetted agents in your area. By providing

detailed information about your home, location, and other preferences, a service like

Expert Match can recommend agents who are a great fit. And you can get in touch

with each agent directly through the platform to start a conversation.